Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Starpath offers free ASCAT wind service

We have long stressed the extreme value of near-live ocean wind observations from satellite measurements, particularly the ASCAT data from the Eumetsat Metop-A satellite, whose data is analyzed by the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute and NOAAs Ocean Surface Wind Team.

But this data has not been readily available to mariners underway who do not have adequate Internet links, and we have not been able to talk any agencies or companies into providing it in GRIB format.

So as we continue in that effort, we have created our own public service to deliver these products to mariners worldwide by a simple email request.  These days essentially all vessels at sea, from ships to yachts, have email access, so hopefully this will fill a need till we get a GRIB formatted data set.

The program is explained at

Please give it a try and let us know here with a comment on how it works for you.


Latest News!  Metop-B is now underway and producing data. See Eumetsat press release.

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