Saturday, January 12, 2013

Atlantic Ocean Current Data and 6-day Forecasts

Here is the latest RTOFS Atlantic ocean model surface current data from NCEP, along with the 6-day forecasts. This model is run daily at 1400z (6 am Seattle time) and the actual data are available at that time, but these graphic images are not updated until 1600z (8 am Seattle time). The first picture is a "now cast" in that it assimilates the previous 24 hr of actual measurements from various sources around the Atlantic. 

To view these, click any picture then step through them from the picture viewer. Note the color scale in m/s. To get kts, multiply x 2 (1.94). For more information, see our Ocean Currents Blog.

For a poor-man's animation, click any pic, then use mouse roller or pad swipe to slide though the images. Any thing you see along the route that is not dark blue, means there are ocean currents to be considered. Check Currents Blog for zoomed in predictions.

24 hr later (1 day)
48 hr later (2 day)
72 hr later (3 day)
96 hr later (4 day)
120 hr later (5 day)
144 hr later (6 day)

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