Monday, May 28, 2012

How to overlay ASCAT Winds and Weather Maps on Google Earth

I will come back and explain this later, but for now here are examples. Might want to view just one of the ASCAT data sets at a time overlaid on the map.  Note we need to explain the timing. These are  not all at the same times.

With GE installed on your computer you can download these and double click to load into GE. They will then automatically update every time you open them to take a look.  Very slick...  hope it works!

Florda waters ascending

Florida waters descending

Unified analysis map of Florida waters

more to follow...

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David Burch said...

apologies. when we first posted these links we used the google docs option, but it turns out they force users to have an account... hence we have moved these to our own server, so you can download without that hassle.

we will remove this note in a week or so.