Friday, November 2, 2012

OPC maps for Google Earth

The Ocean Prediction Center now offers links that will put some of their maps (including Gulf Stream and Unified Analysis) directly onto Google Earth. Once you have done this, they will update automatically next time you open Google Earth.  Hard to think of a more convenient way to get a quick picture of what is going on weather wise on a large scale.

Get the products and instructions at this OPC webpage. Then just save the files anywhere and drag them onto Google Earth. Then save your My Places when you close GE (it should ask you to save), and they will be there and update automatically for you. Very slick.

Here are a couple samples:

We have also made ourselves similar links for getting the ASCAT winds onto GE. This is a project I would like to expand, but will need some help. I call it the ASCAT Genome Project. We want to get all ASCAT and OSCAT winds worldwide linked to GE. It will be a great service, and once I figure a way to coordinate the help of others we will post a note here to join us if you like.

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