Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Scatterometer Winds

We have set up a convenient way to look at scatterometer winds over the Rolex Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race course and the Transpac Yacht Race  course that will automatically update on each view.

Unfortunately, the multiple panels of data available meet in the center of the race course, so we had to combine multiple images... otherwise you could just look at the source data we use at the Ocean Surface Wind Team web site.  These data are originally analyzed at the  Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KMNI), who have a different and sometimes preferred presentation (but not amendable to automatic reproduction... nor legal.)

Please have look at compilations we have made. We show ASCAT A and B, both ascending and descending, as well as the WindSat data, and the brand new Rapid SCAT data from the International Space Station.

These are large images that you can drag around for best viewing.

In preparing this, we realized we needed a bit more instruction on how to figure valid times.  So here are some notes on this, but you can also download a pdf of the information below, which is just captured from that document.

See also Predicting Times of ASCAT Passes and Tactical use of Scatterometer Data.

.... or if you want to see the other end of the wind pole, ie not what it is doing now, but what it has done in the past, then see our discussion of the Sydney-Hobart Climatic Winds or Transpac Climatic Winds (coming soon). If you do not know what COGOW stands for, then it is even more important to check these links.

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