Monday, July 8, 2019

Lat-Lon from Street Address

There is an online service that finds your Lat Lon based on a conventional address.   That service is found at

We have tested this for our own location, which was informative.  Here is the input

We then compared this to our actual location on Google Earth, which is shown below

We see that 3 of them are off quite a bit (143 yards east of our true position), but the other two are very close.  The Open Street Map solution is right on top of our front door at Starpath HQ.

We leave it as an exercise* to show than an equivalent international address for our front door is


My actual desk is located at ///agrees.pumps.libraries.  So much better than Lat-Lon—especially if your address is something like Wiggley Farm, Batchley.


* Hint.

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