Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Online Global Chart Viewers

 For now, this is just a place holder where we put the links. Later we will do more study and actual comparison. For now, this is where you can go to see what the nautical chart of an area looks like... or might look like, since not all are official outlets.

These two are third party, not official, but indeed global

Global via Navionics

Global via Aqua Map

Official charts can be seen here.

US ENC charts   

US RNC charts  (they are closing this down on Oct 1, 2021)

Meso American-Caribbean Sea  

Here we see where the charts exist, but not the actual charts

Canadian charts (ENC and RNC)  (Not much details of what is actually on the charts, but shows where they are.)

Similar global coverage from IHO   (Shows where charts exist, but can't actually see them.)


We have an article on Free ENC Viewers

We have a more in-depth index to US products here:

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