Saturday, November 12, 2022

Adding an image to a PDF

The procedures presented here apply to any application of adding an image to a PDF, but we are focused on a specific marine navigation application. 

The NOAA Custom Charts (NCC) app sometimes has difficulty placing compass roses in best locations.  in which case you can just shut off the compass rose option when creating the NCC and then make one with the free app below. That will generate a NOAA-style compass rose as a PNG file with a transparent background that you can then paste onto the PDF NCC where you choose, and resize as desired.  See Instructions on adding an image to a PDF.

Preliminary Notes

The NCC PDF includes the chart itself and several pages of chart notes. You can print all pages of the NCC on a regular printer paper and that gives you a compressed view of the chart, along with the chart notes. At this stage we can then concentrate just on page 1 of the NCC which is the chart itself.

To remove all pages of the NCC except the chart (on page 1):

1) Open the chart in Google Chrome

2) Choose Print, top right icon

3) Under Destination choose Save as PDF 

4) Under which pages choose Custom and enter 1 in the field below it

5) Print, with the option to rename.

Owners of Adobe Acrobat Pro, with Mac or PC. This is the easiest solution.  

1) Open the PDF in Acrobat

2) Choose Tools tab and then Edit PDF

3) Choose Add Image, navigate to the rose PNG saved, press Open.

4) Resize with a corner control; drag to desired location

5) Click Close top right of the display.  Done

Mac computers use Preview App. (Easy… but involves an unusual trick!)

1) Open the PDF in one Preview window and open the rose PNG in another Preview window.Do this by right clicking the files in the Finder and choosing Open with Preview.

2) In the rose window, click the screen to activate it, then do 

cmd+A to select all, then 

cmd+C to copy all, then 

cmd+V to paste what you copied right back on top of the image, 

then click the center of the image to activate it then

cmd+C to copy

3) go to the NCC window and click to activate it, then do cmd+V to paste the image onto the PDF

4) size as desired and more to desired position, then cmd+S to save and you are done.

PC computers install free graphics program called Inkscape and use it.

1) Open Inkscape, then menu File/Open and open the NCC PDF

2) accept all defaults they offer and choose OK

3) Position the window so you can see the full PDF

4) Do ctrl+A to select All

5) Right click image and choose Lock selected objects

6) Menu Layer / Layers to open the layers window on the right. 

7) Lock the top layer shown which is your NCC chart by clicking lock icon

8) Click + to add a layer; call it “compass rose”; Position “above current”, be sure it stays highlighted

9) Menu File/Open and open the rose PNG

10) Click the rose to activate it, do ctrl+A to select all, then ctrl+C to copy all.

11) Right click the screen and paste the rose

12) Position and size it as desired, then menu Save as, choose PDF format with name of choice, and done.


StuartSailor said...

Where can we down load the ROSE.png ?
I assume this can only be a True Rose and no Magnetic Variation would be represented?

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