Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Nice Thermometer Dial—tiptoeing onto the metric scale

Most everyone knows that 0° C = 32° F and 100° C = 212° F, and maybe -40° C = -40° F.

But I must admit to just realizing that there are some other easy ones as well. Namely for any temperature T = 10x °C (x a digit), we have F = 18T + 32, which are all whole digits. Thus a nice new few to learn, so we can watch the Canadian weather reports and know what the temperature is... not to mention getting in step with the rest of the world. This dial emphasizes these points.

 -40C = -40F
 -30C = -22F
-20C = -4F
 -10C = -14F
  0C = 32F
 10C = 50F
 20C = 68F
 30C = 86F
  40C = 104F
  50C = 122F

We call this the "Easy Conversion Scale." We have it on the small steel frame thermometers that match our high precision hygrometer in the steel cases  ...and we recommend it for all future thermometer dials made for use in the US!

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