Sunday, July 14, 2013

Answers to Geocaching Exercise

Spoiler alert!

Do not read this if you plan to work the  practice exercises we posted in an earlier article called 

Horizontal Sextant Angles

(1) home plate

(2) 6 ft right of pitcher's plate

(3) 6 ft behind pitcher's plate

Here is a Google Earth screen cap of the location involved.  The objects referred to are the trees, marked here with yellow circles. The center of the tree trunks are your plotting targets.

We will come back and annotate this with the vector solutions.... as soon as at least one person asks for it with a comment!

Line of Soundings Navigation

(1) Corner of Central Park West and West 69th St. (40° 46.456' N, 73° 58.43' W).

Here is a screen  cap of the location involved seen in the nationalmap viewer.  The route to be found is the one marked on the image.   This is the north end of the park.  With little practice you will find that this is a unique location and easy to home in on.

The trick is find the approximate location from bulk results, then home in and print, then plot on another paper the elevations at the right separations, then just slide this along the chart keeping it oriented at 298T.  This may seem daunting at first, but with little practice you go more or less straight to it.

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