Friday, December 6, 2013

Worldwide Shipping Lanes

The following can can be used to update pilot charts with density of worldwide shipping lanes.

Adapted from the original work of Benjamin Halpern et al, ScienceVol. 319. There is a more detailed image available at the UCSB National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis but it is really huge, and we have not figured out how to handle it yet.


Ay├ža said...

Dear David,
Can I please use this image for my presentation at the International Marine Conservation Congress?
All the best,

David Burch said...

Yes, i would guess you are able to use these, but this is not our decision. Please contact the original sources we list above. thanks for the note.

David Burch said...

After some study of the topic of satellite AIS, I might guess that the original source of the picture we show above is not the link we provided above (on which we could not find an actual source), but ultimately the measurements of, a Canadian company that does fine work in this area for many years. They would be the ones to contact for latest data of this type... ie historic global ship tracks.