Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Friday, Nov 6, Public Talk on the Use and Role of Accurate Barometers

How an Accurate Barometer can Make your Sailing Safer and More Efficient.

Friday, Nov 6, 6 to 9 PM at CYC, Shilshole Bay Marina, hosted by the Seattle Sailing Club and Corinthian Yacht Club at Shilshole Bay Marina.

No-host bar and restaurant 6 to 7, seminar 7 to 8, questions and panel discussion 8 to 9.

A free public seminar and panel discussion on the role and use of barometers in sailing on both inland and offshore waters. Covers real examples of how an accurate barometer can make your sailing safer and more efficient. Examples of what can happen when you do not heed the advice they provide are also given. 

Presented by David Burch, Starpath School of Navigation and author of The Barometer Handbook, and Matt Thompson, NWS Port Meteorological Officer, who coordinates barometer use and other aspects of weather reports from Voluntary Observing Ships. Also taking part in the Panel Discussion is David Wilkinson, meteorologist and marine weather instructor at the Northwest Maritime Center and Robert Reeder, Chief Mate on the Victoria Clipper, who relies daily on accurate pressure to confirm the timing of UW hi-res forecasts.

For more information, contact Scott Galbraith at Seattle Sailing Club. Join us for dinner and conversation on the important role of barometers in navigation.

For a general background on use of barometers see Modern Barometry and its Important Role in Marine Navigation, but we will be more specific in this discussion with real examples of how the barometer ca affect your decision making.

A more extensive list of references and resources for the talk is at


JotM said...

Had CYC been somewhat closer to home (then 4225 nm) I would most definitely attend. In case a PowerPoint presentation or something like that of the seminar part would become available I would be very interested. This is one of the subjects on my list to organise an event on at my own club, KWV De Kaag (

David Burch said...

We have a lot of interesting data to present, so we will make a blog post of the talk when completed.

David Burch said...
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